Deep analysis of diabetic insulin

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In 1982, Humulin, the world's first artificial insulin-derived form of genetic engineering, was officially launched.

The emergence of optimal secrete Lin not only means that the peak of the animal insulin products is over, began to slowly withdraw from the market, at the same time, it as the first kind of genetic engineering drugs, also marks the birth of biotechnology industry, and historic changes of the pharmaceutical industry.

All, let's start at the beginning.

"Synthesize a protein" -- the first artificial synthetic cow insulin

We have talked about front, compared with the cattle or pig insulin, users of insulin therapy diabetes has obvious advantages: fully simulates the patient natural insulin; Avoid possible side effects of animal insulin; Production does not depend on the supply of animal innards, and so on. Human insulin is the ultimate "insulin", regardless of clinical application, production or business.

But how do you produce insulin, especially large, stable, safe, reliable people? After all, scientists and doctors can't make an idea from living (or dead) people. This idea isn't just evil, it's actually too uncreative!

Keen readers may already be thinking about the sanger story we just mentioned. Since the sanger to determination of bovine insulin all 51 a complete sequence of amino acids, so people can also apparently slavish insulin all by the determination of the amino acid sequence.

If this time can have a kind of technology, the way of the sanger and, according to determine the sequence of information, the 51 a a string, amino acids that can not "production" of human insulin in the lab?

You don't say that in the 1960s, this reverse-engineering practice that sounded violent and aesthetic was a real hope.

Readers may recall that one of the important scientific contributions of the new China in the textbooks of primary and secondary schools was the "crystalline cow insulin". In the frenzy of the great leap forward, Chinese scientists put forward the slogan "synthesize a protein" and launch its own satellite in an atmosphere of 10,000 pounds per mu. In 1965, after several years of collective research, the success of Chinese scientists with a single amino acid as raw materials, the synthetic structure and function in the lab and natural bovine insulin extracted proteins.、

The collaboration of the two scientists and the arrival of the age of genetic engineering

Since we can't rely entirely on artificial insulin production, can we borrow the power of living organisms? The human body naturally synthesizes insulin, but it's not much better than a scientist's test tube.

But we can't -- can't we keep humans in the lab for this?

Not to mention the human being, simply to produce a lot of human pancreas, can lead to a huge wave of ethics and regulation.

Fortunately, this time biologists didn't let us wait too long. They have come up with an ingenious way of helping people produce insulin by making them invisible and ubiquitous.

Throughout the 1970s, there was a real revolution in modern biology.

From the point of view of human mystery, it may not be as good as Darwin's theory of evolution and the double helix of DNA. But if you look at the impact on human life, the seventies are a real golden age.

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