Insulin pen needles can only be used up to 8 times

2017-07-13 09:23 Source:未知 Writer: admin
China academy of traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology hospital eye a ward GongXiMei doctor remind, after investigation, in diabetic patients in our department were analyzed, outside the hospital to injection, only about 40% of the people can change once a week the needle, the most frequent or replacement. Sometimes even a month or a needle can't be injected before it can be replaced. Patients say one is economic, and another is that every time they change a needle, they need to exhaust again, at least a drop of liquid.
Researchers have been able to use the needle for two or eight times in a laboratory, which is absolutely safe. In clinical practice, the repeated use of a needle for eight changes did not cause an infection. Therefore, it is recommended that each needle should be used normally 8 times, which will reduce the economic burden of patients and also be safe. Of course, the time to replace the needle is not absolute. If the patient is injected, the injection will be painful, bleeding and resistance to replace the needle.
The patient USES insulin in summer, want according to oneself circumstance, it is better to adjust dosage of medicine under the guidance of doctor, lest the medicine overdose. Pay attention to regular meals as well. And the general population should keep the rules of life, early to bed and early to rise, even if there is no appetite to stick to the meal, especially breakfast.

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