Diabetics use insulin for adverse reactions

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What are the adverse reactions of diabetic patients using insulin? Insulin is the only hormone in the body that lowers blood sugar, and insulin is mainly used to treat diabetes. So what is the adverse reaction of diabetes patients using insulin? Let me introduce you.
1. Adverse reactions of diabetic patients using insulin
Real diabetes patients with insulin injections is no harm to the body, because insulin is itself all, only under the conditions of itself all enough, with the help of external insulin, it is not like the drug, the drug is not by itself, rely on the outside. In addition, the sooner the insulin use, and long time use, benefits to the patients' body or a lot of, can let own B cells get training, and insulin, there are a lot of unknown function, compared patients with oral medications, lower risk of complications. But it is worth noting that people with diabetes use too much insulin, blood sugar levels may drop to dangerously low levels, this is called hypoglycemia, also known as insulin shock or insulin response, is one of the types of insulin treatment may cause extreme serious complications.
2. Secretion of insulin
The secretion of insulin in the body is mainly affected by the following factors: stimulating insulin secretion of plasma glucose concentration in plasma glucose concentration is the most important factor affecting insulin secretion. After oral or intravenous injection of glucose, insulin release should be reversed. In early rapid phase, the insulin in the portal vein was at its highest in 2 minutes, then rapidly decreased. After 10 minutes, the plasma insulin level gradually increased and lasted more than an hour.
3. Insulin therapy
People with type 1 diabetes, due to its own islet beta cell function is impaired, insulin secretion is absolutely inadequate, need insulin therapy in onset, and should be a lifelong insulin replacement therapy in order to maintain life and life. About 5 percent of total diabetes. Based on the combination of lifestyle and oral hypoglycemic therapy, patients with type 2 diabetes can begin the combination of oral medication and insulin if the blood glucose remains uncontrollable. When HbA1c is still more than 7.0% after a combination of large doses of multiple oral drugs, the initiation of insulin therapy can be considered. Patients with diabetes with type 1 diabetes were identified.

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