Understanding and prevention of diabetes

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Diabetes patients in the early stages of the disease, most patients are nothing special, just some obscure uncomfortable feeling, if not deliberately to check, had not found. Here are ten symptoms of diabetes. If you, your family or your friends, have signs of the following 10 signs, it is a sign of danger and should be checked early.
A, urinary frequency and thirsty feeling: due to the rise of blood sugar, the body can't make full use of, so the kidney busy can't be used too much sugar in the urine, jointly also put a lot of water from the body out, caused by abnormal frequency of urine and urine more; Because the body moisture is excreted a lot of water to need to replenish water, the thirst is strong.
Hunger pangs: unable to make full use of the sugar in the blood, the cells in the body cannot get energy, causing patients to enjoy a large amount of desserts or snacks.
Three, weight change: middle-aged people in imperceptible in, the diabetes may be growing obesity diabetes serious when, however, will quickly reduce weight, especially young people easier to have this tendency. This is because the glucose in the blood is not fully used, and excessive ingestion is stored in the body's fat to replenish heat, so the body wastes away quickly.
4. Easy to fatigue: people with diabetes are prone to fatigue, acne, and things that are not as vigorous as they used to be. This feeling of boredom is sometimes all over the body, sometimes just the lower half. For example, when you climb the stairs a little, you feel sore, tired, or sleepy after a meal.
5. Vision loss: some people are often diagnosed with diabetes after they have been examined by an ophthalmologist because they have blurred vision and are prone to fatigue. There are many patients with diabetic retinopathy in the middle age. Young people with cataracts are more vulnerable, so be careful.
6. Peripheral nerve symptom: diabetic person is easy to have stubborn hand and foot of the hands and feet of the disease and the pain. There are many patients with neuroinflammatory foot pain caused by diabetes, and sometimes severe pain. Others have cramps at night.
7. Skin itching: the resistance of diabetic skin is also weakened at the same time. It is easy to cause infection, swelling and inflammation when injured. Women in particular sometimes have vaginal itching.
Wounds do not heal easily
9, female menstruation abnormal: female diabetic patient, sometimes menstruation is irregular, or menstruation is confined. This is caused by the lack of insulin hormone, which is caused by the loss of sexual hormones.
Male impotence: erectile nerve and urination are all controlled by the nerve center of the sacral pulp. People with diabetes can cause impotence because of abnormal sugar or vitamin metabolism. Therefore, without proper medical knowledge, any purchase of strong agents and folk medicines is ineffective in treating impotence.

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