About diabetic: How to take care with insulin pen ?

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About ten years to fight diabetes experience, Liu Min: "the first time I heard about diabetes, or in 1970s, when the Albania Summit for diabetes death, I know there is such a kind of disease, and there is no cure for good, once the control is not good, are likely to die. More than 20 years later, in a physical examination, I was found to have excessive blood sugar levels." The news of Liu Min was thunderstruck, her unhappy day, very depressed.
The doctor told Liu Min that the key to diabetes is to control blood sugar. According to the doctor's instructions, Liu Min controls diet and exercises. A week later, she went to the hospital and checked her blood sugar to normal levels.
At that time, Liu Min, who knew little about diabetes, was secretly grateful: "diabetes is also so. Just pay attention to your daily life, and you can control your blood sugar, and you'll get better.". So she took her illness for granted, and, as usual, led a life of her own whim.

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