Insulin pen: Refuse Injecting insulin will be killed

2019-11-08 14:49 Source:未知 Writer: admin
Diabetes at 101 fifth most common cause of death, 10 national average hourly one died of diabetes, but domestic, a survey has found more than half of the people there are many myths in diabetes, friends and even have diabetes south folk prescription, soil guava tea, try the urine therapy nearly a year, almost arrives, still unable to maintain blood glucose control.
Almost all common myth before five is associated with insulin, contains high dosage of insulin is seriously ill, "the body can produce insulin doesn't have to add", "take medicine is safe and not make insulin", "on behalf of insulin illness severity", "insulin can wash the kidney with blindness" and so on, but it is not the right idea.
Insulin is like adding gasoline to a car without gasoline; Moreover, in all diabetes drugs, insulin to control blood sugar effect is best, use of insulin in the acute stage, like a strongest pitcher chien-ming wang will start, suppressing the situation first, than to play the last game, pain relief save.

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