Can you use insulin pen to inject?

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Due to the need of the disease, some diabetics should use insulin for treatment. Currently, the clinical use of insulin is: subcutaneous injection of insulin, insulin muscle injection, insulin intravenous injection, insulin pump therapy, etc. The most commonly used is insulin subcutaneous injection.
Patients with insulin subcutaneous injection usually do not require hospitalization, patient or family members. So it's very important for diabetics and their families to have the right insulin injection
Before you inject, you need to know the amount of insulin
Diabetics first need to know how much insulin should be injected when they inject insulin into the skin.
In general, a 10ml bottle of insulin injection contains 400 units of insulin, or 40 units per 1 ml of insulin. But it also contains 300 units of insulin per bottle. Therefore, be sure to find out how much insulin you use in each milliliter of the injection before the injection, so as not to cause the wrong dosing, resulting in hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
Learn to use different types of syringes
There are two types of syringes that are used for insulin injection. A single syringe for 1 ml of capacity is a domestic syringe. The scale marked on this syringe is "ml" (ml), and the patient will be converted to the unit based on the amount of insulin that is used. Another syringe is used for insulin injection, the "BD" needle produced in the United States. This syringe is made from 40 units of insulin per milliliter of injection. If the patient is using the syringe, the insulin unit will not be converted.
It is important to select the insulin injection site
There are many areas suitable for injection of insulin, usually including abdominal wall, lateral upper arm, hip and lateral thigh. The absorption of insulin is different in different parts of the body. The absorption of the abdominal wall is the fastest, the lateral side of the upper arm is lower and the lower part of the hip and thigh is slower. Therefore, patients who have been injected with insulin for a long time on the outside of the thigh may occasionally be injected into the abdominal wall, which may result in hypoglycemia. Insulin injections in the same part of the body will also reduce the ability of local skin to absorb insulin. Once subcutaneous fat malnutrition occurs, it can affect the absorption of insulin. If the patient's two upper arms and both sides of the abdominal wall appear subcutaneous fat malnutrition, the patient's blood glucose control will not be ideal. Therefore, it is very important to keep the skin healthy and inject insulin in the correct way.

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