Insulin pen: Before inject need some preparation

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1. Insulin is released to room temperature
For insulin unopened, need in 2 ~ 8 ℃ cold storage. If you just take unopened insulin from the freezer, you'll get an injection immediately after the opening, which may cause pain due to cold stimulation. So, you need to put your insulin inside the room for a few minutes, and then the insulin will return to room temperature.
For the already kaifeng insulin, should be maintained at room temperature (below 25 ℃), pay attention to avoid light from hot, don't need to put in the refrigerator.
Choose the right needle
It is important to choose the right length of the needle, with a smaller diameter and shorter length of needles that will not be so painful when injected.
The choice of the needle is related to the thickness of the skin and the thickness of the body, and the injection site is related to the injection site. You should choose the needle that is suitable for you under the doctor's advice.
Use new needles every time
If the needle is used repeatedly, the lubrication layer on the surface of the needle will fall off, the tip passivation and even burrs and barbs can increase the injection pain.
So, don't worry about the needle money, use the needle at once, can reduce the pain greatly.
Alcohol should be dried and then injected
If you use alcohol to disinfect your skin, remember to wait until the alcohol is dry.
Because if the alcohol does not work, it is injected, and alcohol is taken from the eye to the skin, causing pain.
Pinch the skin not too hard
Use longer needles, or thinner parts of the fat layer, such as upper arms, when you inject them, they need to be pinched.
Use one hand to gently pinch the skin of the injection site about 3 cm wide, and do not squeeze the skin to the white to avoid causing pain.

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